Here is a Step by Step guide on how to utilize ALL of the Wowdible Experience!

Below is the step by step explanation of how to use the Coaches website: http://coach.wowdible.com

Here is a subtitled 5 minutish video with lead gen at end for the PDF offer.

Category: Speaker Success

Title: Formula for Saying Yes to a GigExpenses

Here is an example of the actual PDF that they will receive in their inbox from the $1.97 sale!

Title: Formula for Saying Yes to a Gig… Sales and is a part of the series so you can see how a series plays along a bit…

Ads… this is an example of an ad that pops up at the end of your video to give the link to the Google Pay or Apple Pay Opportunity for the easy yes sale!

Here is an example of a 30 Second Ad for the Store Section (This is an ad for a book I’m promoting and selling in the app… it has a link to my website to purchase the actual book: