Templates & Info

Download the emblem start below to use on your website, email signature and promotions!

  1. Here is the word doc checklist!


2. If you want to create the subtitles yourself… I use: https://www.kapwing.com/subtitles

Make sure you go to Kapwing’s Subtitle section! Full explanation of how to use it is in the recordings tab.

3. Example of what the templates are going to look like for the PDFs you are making for the offers.

FYI… YES!!! I know it is in German… LOL… it is because I’m showing you to change those words to whatever your insert info will be. It is just a place holder.

These are ready to go templates for Word… simply type in your info and replace the words there. Insert images if needed as well. Created by Alicia White (Upgrade Templates available soon to also insert your head shot)

Ready to go Word doc’s Template:template-speakersDownloadtemplate-corporateDownloadtemplate-entrepreneurDownloadtemplate-familyDownload

These are Jpeg Image Templates from Amber Griffiths.. for upgrade or help using these see offer below:Wowdible Template GeneralDownloadWowdible Template SpeakingDownloadWowdible Template Office DeskDownload

4. Ads… this is an example of an ad without the pdf inserted with the name of what they are buying and pricing can change too.

Here is the PDF of the Terms and Conditions to be a Wowdible Trainer!