Wowdible Phone App for Coaches and Trainers to Reach New Clients and Change Lives

Experts Needed

We are looking for Coaches, Trainers, Experts, Teachers who would like to

create some passive income through the Wowdible Phone App.

  • You provide 5 minute Video(s)
  • Each Video HIGH Impact Training!
  • You can then offer an item to sell at the end (.97 to $25 USD)
    • Templates
    • Video Training That Goes Further with the Original Video
    • Book/Ebook
    • Formulas
    • Anything to make it easier to accomplish what you just taught them!
  • Offer a Group Coaching Session the Following Week at some point during the year
    • ($100 USD Per Person Attending)

It’s that simple! Do you qualify? If you can Change Someone’s LIFE… YES!

4 Categories to Participate In….

Can’t wait to have YOU Be a Wowdible Expert!